Our Culture

At Shuttle, our mission is to launch the next generation of radiation oncology treatments with the goal of curing cancer. With this goal, we are setting out to accomplish something that has never been done before. We acknowledge that this will not be an easy task and will require dedication, extreme effort, and expertise. As a team working together, we believe we can make a significant difference and change the outcomes of millions of people lives impacted by cancer.

  • We have a deep, experienced, invested team dedicated to improving the outcomes of cancer treatment.

  • We have developed a proprietary Platform Technology that allows us to continuously develop new potential blockbuster drugs.

  • We are the first pharmaceutical company focused on curing cancer through the use of novel radiation sensitizers and immunotherapy.

  • We are on our way to building a culture and a company focused on working collaboratively to change the lives of cancer patients.

Our Values

Our key values – Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, Attention to Detail


We believe that we can lead the revolution of cancer treatment through our expertise and desire to make a difference.



We are one team fully committed to one another to achieve our goal.


We are deeply rooted in science and believe in the importance of innovation in order for us to find new and better solutions for treating cancer.


We believe that paying very close attention to detail is the key to solving some of life’s most difficult challenges of which cancer is one.

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