About us

Pursuing a Cure for Cancer

Shuttle Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company leveraging our proprietary technology to develop novel therapies that are designed to cure cancer. Our goal is to extend the benefits of cancer treatments by leveraging insights into the pillars of cancer therapy: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. While there are several therapies being developed with the goal of curing cancer, one of the most effective and proven approaches to this is radiation therapy (RT). The Company has developed technology that operates in three distinct areas related to the treatment of cancer with radiation therapy: 1. sensitization of growing cancer cells, rendering them susceptible to the effects of radiation therapy, 2. sensitization of hypoxic cells in tumors that resist radiation therapy, and 3. activation of the DNA damage response pathway to kill cancer cells and protect normal cells located near cancers, this technology effects the immune response and has the potential to integrate with checkpoint inhibitors and immune therapies.

We Believe

We believe that the next revolution in radiation therapy is the development of novel therapies that sensitize cancer cells while protecting normal cells. Currently, achieving better dose distributions within the tumor volume has reached a plateau and further improvements resulting in cancer cures need to take advantage of biological modifications to sensitize cancer cells, protect normal tissues, and stimulate the immune system. Drugs that show sensitizing properties offer a solution to this problem.


The Company was originally founded as Shuttle Pharmaceuticals, LLC in December 2012 in the State of Maryland. In June 2018, Shuttle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Shuttle Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc., a State of Delaware corporation.

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